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Message from the Director of INPS, Marcel AUTHIER, host of EAFS 2018

Welcome to the Forensic Odyssey!

On behalf of the EAFS organizing Committee and the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes, I have the great pleasure to invite you to the 8th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference to be held in Lyon, France in August 29th to 31st 2018!

These last years the forensic community has faced many   of them: increasing investigators’ requests from minor   deliquency to organized crime, fight against terrorism,   cross-borders investigations, especially in Europe…

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Message from the Chairperson of ENFSI, Erkki Sippola


Dear Forensic Colleagues,
Dear Forensic Stakeholders,

Three years ago the last European Academy of Forensic Science (EAFS) Conference took place in Prague, the Czech Republic. It provided us with an excellent selection of presentations, workshops, posters and commercial exhibitions.

Now the EAFS 2018 is approaching. Based on the experiences of the previous conferences our Lyonnaise colleagues are doing their best to organize this important event. The topic of the EAFS 2018 – The Forensic Odyssey – well describes our endless journey in forensic science to carry out research and development, to improve our methodology and processes and to educate and train forensic experts.

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Message from the Chairman of the First EAFS meeting in Lausanne 1997,

Pierre Margot


Welcome to Lyon for this 8th European Academy of Forensic Science meeting.

This first meeting was held in view of the International development of forensic science, with meetings taking place around the world and leaving Europe with rare possibilities of encounters.

National laboratories and keyplayers decided to organize at the continent level after an Interpol Meeting in Lyon in 1992, by creating ENFSI and supporting working groups around specific disciplines.
In 1996, a group within the ENFSI proposed the creation of an open, interdisciplinary venue where research, education, interaction could be shared and not confined to operational laboratories. This was the seed of the first meeting that I had the pleasure to welcome in Lausanne in 1997

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EAFS 2018

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