Organizing Committee

Philippe SCHAAD

Deputy director

French institute of scientific police (INPS)

Chair of the organizing committee



Deputy of the head of Forensic governance department

French Forensic Police Office (SCPTS)

ENFSI permanent representative



Chief of general staff

French Forensic Police Office


Thierry SOTO

Head of the scientific department

French institute of scientific police



Deputy of the head of the scientific department

French institute of scientific police


Emmanuelle BOISSEAU

Head of communication

French Forensic Police Office



About the National Forensic Science Institute (Institut National de Police Scientifique – INPS):

Organized by INPS (Institut National de la Police Scientifique) and supervised by the ENFSI (European Network of Forensic Science Institutes)

The National Institute of Scientific Police (INPS) is the largest forensic services provider in France with 5 multidisciplinary laboratories, 800 staff members - including more than 150 "experts".

In 2016, the INPS handled almost 120,000 traces cases (including 90 000 in DNA) and over 220,000 DNA profiles of individuals.

It is accredited by the Court of Cassation to carry out scientific expertise in 17 forensic fields: DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, documents and marks (footprints, tool marks, tyre tracks etc.), drugs, toxicology, physics-chemistry.

Established in 2001, the INPS is the heir of a long tradition in forensics whose founder Dr. Edmond Locard built the first laboratory in Lyon in 1910.