Industry Demonstrations Programme

Wednesday - August 29th 2018


11:10am to 11:25am - CHROMACIM
HPTLC & Forensics Sciences, main applications

HPTLC-MS and Bio-detection, Pierre BERNARD-SAVARY, (France)
Cannabinoïds with THC and CBD on a plate. Jeremy MERCIER, (France)
Explosives deformulation in complex matrix after terrorist attack with AMD. Pierre BERNARD-SAVARY, (France)


1:00pm to 1:15pm - COPAN 

The importance of Forensic Pre-Analytics

Optimal Sampling Techniques for Forensic Pre-Analystics

Marica BAREZZANI (Italy)


1:20pm to 1:35pm - STRMIX™

Resolve more DNA mixtures. A global launch of our latest version.

Adam MCCARTHY (UK/Europe Associate)



Newest developments for rapid, precise and innovative analysis of forensic samples. Thermo Fisher Scientific solutions from DNA to forensic toxicology screening.

Olivier JOALLAND (France) - Zuzana SKRABAKOVA

4:10pm to 4:25pm - XCELTIS GMBH

Erase Sperm Isolation Kit".

Steffen ROTH (Germany)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thursday - August 30th 2018

10:40am to 10:55am - METROHM France

Forensic/Explosive/Hazmat analysis using handled Raman spectroscopy

Mathieu JOURDAIN (France)


1:00pm to 1:15pm - ADEMTECH
DNA extraction solutions from manual to high throughput

Jerome JOLLY – (France)

1:20pm to 1:35pm – FORENSIC FOUNDATION
Forensic Foundations' Proficiency Testing - testing the end-to-end forensic process. Crime Scene to Courtroom 
Anna DAVEY – (Australia)

1:40pm to 1:55pm - PROMEGA France
Promega’s Solutions for Automated Workflows in Forensics
Chair person : Philippe SAMAIN (France)
Complete Automation Workflows for Forensic DNA Extraction and Analysis
Matthias LINDNER (France)


4:10pm to 4:25pm - IDS Co LTD

A high-speed fingerprint photographing device : Velox

Tae-Hyuck KWON (South Korea) – Hoon KANG (South Korea)



Friday - August 31st 2018

10:40am to 10:55am - CRAIC TECHNOLOGIES

Applications for your Microspectrophotometer for Trace Evidence



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